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12% fixed fee
Only pay when someone buys your products
Simply provide us with an excel or csv file detailing your products. Images are required.

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Fixed £ based on service industry
Only pay when a genuine enquiry arrives on your doorstep!
Simply provide us with an excel or csv file detailing your services. In most cases we will be able to replicate information from your existing website..

The online marketing program.

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Green Oak Man
Enquiries / Products Sold: 223
Alpine elements

Satellite website and travel directory generated over 100 enquires in 2 months....

Enquiries / Products Sold: 106
NES Architectural

nes cladding systems. 34 enquiries in May 2015

Enquiries / Products Sold: 34
MaxAd recruitment

46 enquiries made between May and June 2015. Service was promoted in key online media and recruitment magazines.

Enquiries / Products Sold: 46
Lotus Publishing

832 books sold over 3 months

Enquiries / Products Sold: 832

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Printing page titles with views exposed filters - added to contextual filter argument with taxo id + depth....
// singlefilter//

$view = views_get_current_view();
$term = 'all';
$title = 'Fitted Modular Wardrobes';
if (isset ($view->exposed_input['field_carcass_wood_tid_selective'])) {
$tid = $view->exposed_input['field_carcass_wood_tid_selective'];
if (is_numeric($tid)){
$term = $tid;
$term_obj = taxonomy_term_load($tid);
$title = $term_obj->name;
$argument->validated_title = $title;

// double filters///

$view = views_get_current_view();
$term = 'all';
$title = 'Fitted Modular Wardrobes';
if (isset ($view->exposed_input['field_carcass_wood_tid_selective']) && ($view->exposed_input['field_matt_finish_tid'] )) {
$tid = $view->exposed_input['field_carcass_wood_tid_selective'];
$tidx = $view->exposed_input['field_matt_finish_tid'];
if (is_numeric($tid)){
$term = $tid;
$term2 = $tidx;
$term_obj = taxonomy_term_load($tid);
$term_objtwo = taxonomy_term_load($tidx);
$title = $term_obj->name . $term_objtwo->name;
$argument->validated_title = $title;

Prestige plumbers are a new client for us and they had a basic site before but needed it converted to a full blown CMS similar to thier u plumber website which allowed them to add local areas for their plumbers including petersfield, fareham, southampton and other hampshire localities.

We will now start on their backlink profiles and expect to see results within 6 weeks.

1.So you download drupal to rolandallen(username of computer/Sites

2. Edit hosts file in /etc/hosts - add your new servername as before..

3. Edit httpd-vhosts located in /etc/apache2/extra/httpd-vhosts.conf - copy and paste as before

4. Restart apache by opening terminal and typing sudo apachectl restart

4. Open sequel pro - create a database (add databse)

5. open firefox and type your servername you wrote in hosts file (eg hello.test).

6. you should see the drupal install profile.

7. you may see error seeing missings files directory and no settings.php file _You can always refer to drupals install.txt file in root level folder of drupal
YOU NEED TO LEARN HOW TO NAVIGATE AROUND IN THE TERMINAL BETWEN FOLDERS USING THE COMMAND cd and ls (cd means change directory and ls means list folders )... if you ever get lost just type cd and your return to the very top level of your folders.....
8. open terminal navigate to your drupal folder ie in terminal cd Sites/your drupal_folder_name
chmod a+w sites/default

b. Missing settings file.

Drupal will try to automatically create a settings.php configuration file,
which is normally in the directory sites/default (to avoid problems when
upgrading, Drupal is not packaged with this file). If auto-creation fails,
you will need to create this file yourself, using the file
sites/default/default.settings.php as a template.

Open terminal
cd Sites/name_of_drupal_folder

cp sites/default/default.settings.php sites/default/settings.php

Next, grant write privileges to the file to everyone (including the web
server) with the command:

chmod a+w sites/default/settings.php

Be sure to set the permissions back after the installation is finished!
Sample command:

chmod go-w sites/default/settings.php

£100 set up fee.
In rare cases we may not be able to promote your products and services if they do not comply with our terms and conditions. Click here for more information.
  • Access to Helpdesk
  • Advanced Websites
  • Products distributed across our network
  • Services promoted in all media
  • No contract
  • Sales reports
  • Performance indicators
  • Pay on sale
  • Out of hour responses

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