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robby g help file

1.So you download drupal to rolandallen(username of computer/Sites

2. Edit hosts file in /etc/hosts - add your new servername as before..

3. Edit httpd-vhosts located in /etc/apache2/extra/httpd-vhosts.conf - copy and paste as before

4. Restart apache by opening terminal and typing sudo apachectl restart

4. Open sequel pro - create a database (add databse)

5. open firefox and type your servername you wrote in hosts file (eg hello.test).

6. you should see the drupal install profile.

Video Upload

Sagepay ubercart upgrade to sagepay protocol 3.00

So for certain features such as surchage xml to be added to sagepay payment gateway you are required to make some ammendments in uc_sagepayserver.module file...

Line 200 - change the variables to 3.00 and add new array for surchageXml as per page 46 of sagepays userguide for protocol 3.0.

last function to change is the drupal response check - this needs to be changed to 3.00 as well.

How important are metatags for seo?

Just spent a couple of hours sorting out the meta tags for a client and thought I better share the reasoning and detail. Meta tags or in full, Meta Description Tags are not that important for SEO purposes, but as everyone knows, rankings don't necessarily convert in to sales. These meta tags are simply the short paragraphs describing the page content, and thus a good one will lead through to greater click through's.

Drupal tweaks for MySQL optimisation

This is a post for the techies...

When running Drupal its common to be required to optimise Server environments. Many people think of optimisation to be for google search rankings but when we are talking about optimisation of server environments we are referring to; page speeds, database lookup query speeds, essentially PERFORMANCE.

We will use this page to add our customisations as we go along.

Today was MYSQL improvements...