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Why contact me?

  • You don't have an inhouse SEO expert
  • You need help with online marketing but dont want to employ fulltime SEO staff
  • You want to be protected from SEO agencies
  • Don't have technical knowledge to buy confidently from external agencies
  • You get access to an SEO expert as and when you need help
  • I am 100% independent and work for you
  • Help you manage your website
  • Get your website re designed for a fraction of the cost agencies charge.
  • Make sure you get the most from your marketing budget
  • Save money on advertising
  • Help you manage your online assets


Possible content ditribution channels

How do we distribute content and promote my products?

Guest Posting
Forum participation
Shopping Syndication
Quality Content writing
Questions and Answers.
Well organised blog categories.
Share widgets
Authorship inclusion
Interlinked accounts
Niche Websites
Product portals

eposed filters drupal seo

Printing page titles with views exposed filters - added to contextual filter argument with taxo id + depth....
// singlefilter//

$view = views_get_current_view();
$term = 'all';
$title = 'Fitted Modular Wardrobes';
if (isset ($view->exposed_input['field_carcass_wood_tid_selective'])) {
$tid = $view->exposed_input['field_carcass_wood_tid_selective'];
if (is_numeric($tid)){
$term = $tid;
$term_obj = taxonomy_term_load($tid);
$title = $term_obj->name;

SEO optimisation for prestige plumbers

Prestige plumbers are a new client for us and they had a basic site before but needed it converted to a full blown CMS similar to thier u plumber website which allowed them to add local areas for their plumbers including petersfield, fareham, southampton and other hampshire localities.

We will now start on their backlink profiles and expect to see results within 6 weeks.

robby g help file

1.So you download drupal to rolandallen(username of computer/Sites

2. Edit hosts file in /etc/hosts - add your new servername as before..

3. Edit httpd-vhosts located in /etc/apache2/extra/httpd-vhosts.conf - copy and paste as before

4. Restart apache by opening terminal and typing sudo apachectl restart

4. Open sequel pro - create a database (add databse)

5. open firefox and type your servername you wrote in hosts file (eg hello.test).

6. you should see the drupal install profile.


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What I do?

Build Links

Trusted and reliable, SEOtom offers seo services for hampshire companieswho want to improve their online presence.

Analyse current website

Its quick and easy to work out how your current site is performing

Work with agencies

I know which agencies are good and which are bad. Ill track and make sure you get the best from them!

Identify keywords

By understanding your business I can quickly identify lucrative keyword opportunities.

Write content

I am English, I can speak english and I can write english therefore: I can write well written optimised web content.

Manage websites

I know all the major CMS platforms including Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla, Magento.

About me

Service philosophy

I have worked in SEO for over 10 years and want to help your business succeed online for a fair price.

I know that there is alot of SEO Hampshire agencies out there who charge fixed monthly fees but isnt there a better, fairer way of doing things? Wouldn't it be better if you could have an in house expert without the hang up of paying them a salary?


I just don't know how to describe your services... They are extraordinary! I am quite happy with them! Just keep up going this way!


Thank you very much. I’m impressed with your service. I’ve already told my friends about your company and your quick response, thanks again!


Wow, I'm so happy with your service. You managed to exceed my expectations! You guys are very efficient and I will refer more people to your company!


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