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Drupal Mac Osx enabling FTP to install modules

So this is a tricky one....

You have probably found that when you try to install modules on drupal via the cms you get an ftp error connection problem...

Steps to enable:

1. As of MAC OSX Mavericks you cant enable ftp sharing via the system preferences pane anymore - BOO!
So instead open the Terminal and enter the following command:
sudo launchctl load -w /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/ftp.plist

To then stop the server or start it when the system is running, you can issue either of the following commands in the Terminal:

rename images to lowercase on mac osx

for f in *; do mv "$f" "`echo $f | tr "[:upper:]" "[:lower:]"`"; done

The above code helps overcome apple macs case sensitive naming issue of files.

IF like me you receive a ton of images from a client with uppercase and lowercase mix of naming simply navigate to your folder in the terminal and then run the above command - hey presto all images are now named in lower case...

filenames with spaces in names are different issue - will post later or email us for the answer!

Moving over hosting

Many people are paranoid about moving their hosting around but it should not be difficult. The basics over it are simply a change to the domain name servers.

Your hosting company needs to set up an account, you would grant us ftp access to the code, we download the code on to a local machine here, then we access your domain name and change the domain name server and point it to the new server.

SEO - obtain links from high PR websites

Recently there seems to be a switch by Google to prefer relevant themed links over high PR websites. So basically submit articles with relevant related content to your topic and build those links!

What makes a good SEO consultant?

I have been running an online marketing agency for the last 5 years and dealt with many so called seo consultants. Unfortunately there are many individuals who promote themselves as seo consultants but have very little technical understanding of search algorithms.

SEo keyword opportunities

Taking a quick look at the potential keywords that hampshire based businesses may profit from have been listed below. Currently obtaining a page 1 listing for these keywords will be relatively stratight forward using standard search engine optimisation methods. However given the recent increase in online activity by hampshire based businesses such opportunities will soon become harder to take advantage of, or at least the cost will dramatically increase.

Hampshire companies investing in SEO today stand to gain a significant head start on other slower hampshire based companies.

Search volumes for coffee tables

Teaka were originally a small furniture design company. Since going online they have claimed a massive 1.2 million USD. Moovi Duff the Managing Director stated that sales have not come through a single channel but multiuple channels. Many searchers will find a brand name and then google the brand name.....

for example -----> lets look at an online searchers behaviour....

---> In google
--------> coffee tables...

---------> user identifies too generic and selects more refined search term - round coffee tables

Difference between onpage SEO and Online advertising

Some businesses seem to think that offpage SEO is simply ONLINE ADVERTISING.

Well guess what - they are Right! We say it all the time - just look at SEO as normal marketing. Find relevant websites that match your target audience demographics and then advertise. Sometimes you will pay for an advert and sometimes it will be free.

The only way in which it differs significantly is that the majority of SEO doesnt require paid for adverts. Social media, Forums and blog comments are all free (In theory :))

Integrate Online Advertising with SEO Goals

Portsmouth seo companies

We are again seeing a sudden rise in the number of enquiries into our seo services from Portsmouth based businesses who are leaving their existing suppliers.

We say yet again here... BE CAREFUL WHAT SEO AGENCY you choose.

From our records and client list we have heard the following:

Vertical Leap - very good reporting but do not actually get results - we still aren't on page 1 of google for major search terms.

Who is the best SEO agency in Hampshire

Yet again we will we state here why we feel that we are the best SEO agency in portsmouth.

To date we have over a 90% client retention rate which means that for every company that signs up with i5digital to promote their website for between 35-60 days we have obtained repeat business for 3, 6 and 12 month contracts. We don't want companies who will not benefit from SEO. Most companies stand to gain large volumes of business via search marketing. Its fairly obvious isn't it? If you are on page 1 of google you are going to get enquiries.

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